Do You Lead With An Entrepreneurial Spirit?

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Regardless of the industry you work or your particular position, it is becoming more and more important for each of us to be entrepreneurial. We each need to see our role as a valuable contributor to a product or service where we can make a difference. But what if we don’t feel we have the “oompf” to be an entrepreneur and we would rather just do our job and head out at the end of the day? That work strategy is out the door and honestly doesn’t serve us well today.

We live and work in a fast paced global environment that constantly challenges our abilities to quickly pivot and change direction instantaneously. Our teams and organizations are always poised for a new product or service launch and that means we need to be up and running with new ideas readily. Finding that entrepreneur within us, may be just what we need to empower us to survive. Here are five ways to forge ahead to becoming an entrepreneur:


Change is a constant and as an entrepreneur we need to be aware and recognize when projects are going in a different direction or leaders around us are moving to new positions. In a current organization I am working with, values and vision were changed which meant that every person in that company needed to realign their jobs responsibilities. Each manager had the task to explore ways to integrate the new values into their actions and decisions.


Another name for an entrepreneur is “lifelong learner”. Keeping up with the new trends and knowing what skills, certifications or information we need to obtain is essential to compete within a global world. Ask yourself:

  • What do I need to be a stronger leader in my field?
  • Are competitors focusing on different priorities?
  • How can I grow to enrich my career and make me more helpful to my company?


Nothing screams entrepreneur better than being in charge of your own desk. What does that mean? Be accountable. Be organized. Drum up new business. Treat your role as if you are part owner of the company. Feel empowered to make the big decisions and find the best solutions.


An entrepreneur looks at every encounter with someone as a “moment of truth”. Whether we are dealing with external clients or internal customers on our team or in other departments, we need to model a leader who cares about others. If someone is overwhelmed with a heavy workload, jump in and ask how you can help. When we put our relationships at the top of our list, we cultivate trust, transparency as well as a strong support network.


If we possess an entrepreneurial spirit we will jump through hoops to make things happen quickly. We are able to:

  • Know our priorities
  • Not get bogged down on every detail
  • State our case in a clear way
  • Rally others to make adjustments and take action

Are you up to the task of becoming an entrepreneurial leader? How do you bring the entrepreneurial spirit to your career or job?


9 thoughts on “Do You Lead With An Entrepreneurial Spirit?

  1. I think staying nimble is a huge piece of this. The world is changing so fast, organizations that don’t encourage their people to be nimble, entrepreneurail and responsive will be at a significant competitive disadvantage.

  2. I agree that being nimble is key to competing in our global workplace and those leaders who empower their teams to prepare for pivoting will definitely be most successful.

    One way to be more nimble may be to keep several options available and if the first one doesn’t play out well then in no time the second option can be executed.

    Thanks for your guidance Karin!

  3. I think one of the biggest challenges for those over 45 is making the mental shift to an entrepreneurial mentality. Recognizing that there’s really only the future we determine, rather than counting on or assuming others might have an interest in it is hard for those who have lived a corporate life. Once that shift is made being nimble becomes an acquired skill and mindset.

  4. I love that you encourage people to run their own desk!

    Years ago, I worked for an organization where you had to be at a certain level to make sales. In fact, at the highest level you were essentially responsible exclusively for sales and client relationships. At the lower levels you were charged with getting the work done on time and in budget. One of the women I worked with, who was very junior, sold a significant piece of work. Everyone was excited and impressed until a senior leader had to take credit for the sale since there was no way to formally give her credit. Talk about taking her entrepreneurial spirit down a notch!

    Individuals need to step up and organizations also need to be prepared to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in their employees when they prove that they can add more value than just getting stuff done.

    Great post, Terri!

  5. Great leadership points, Terri. Keep learning is central to being a nimble, entrepreneurial leader. Learning means we continue to grow, adapt, and bring others in to the conversation. Stay entrepreneurial! Thanks. Jon

  6. I think that when we are empowered to be accountable for the entire picture of our work, we are more likely to perform at a higher level. Running a desk takes into account not only the required tasks but also how we connect with others as well as solving meaningful problems. Just like the junior person you describe, it is disempowering to feel that our hard work will only lead to someone else taking the credit. Not a great vision for any organization.

    Thanks Alli for sharing your fascinating story!

  7. When leaders make lifelong learning a priority, they remain open to mastering new skills and gaining as much new knowledge as they can embrace.

    We can then be flexible and lead a change with the information and strategies we add to our tool boxes.

    Thanks Jon! And you are a role model in being nimble!

  8. This a great article, Terri, and speaks to the reasons why many people do not see themselves as entrepreneurial. And yet, we do all need to see the potential we have for unlocking the opportunities in our own world.

    As you so aptly point out, there are reasons we feel overwhelmed and lacking the oomph to make it all happen,

    Love your suggestions!

  9. You make an excellent point about each of our potential to unlock our opportunities. We need to lead with accountability and flexibility in order to compete and that means running our own show with determination and openness.

    If we feel being entrepreneurial is too challenging we need to think of the alternative of not taking action and not recognizing change. The result is that we will be left behind.

    Thanks LaRae for your additional insights as always!

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