Is It Time To Mix Up Your Leadership Story?

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Being consistent is an essential quality for leaders to embrace. It is important for our teams or those we partner with to feel we can be depend upon in a familiar way. Yet there is a point that we each approach where we sense change is facing us in the eye and we just need to mix things up. We need to find a new way to challenge ourselves without losing our leadership identity. We crave a “new look” or some new additions to our repertoire. We want to update or tweak our current narrative and enable our leadership story to evolve. Are you at that crossroad?

Just like you I have been at that intersection many times in my career. Here are some ways to propel that journey without saying goodbye to who we are:


Just like with any change or evolution, it is helpful to understand completely where we are and what we stand for.

  • How would you describe your leadership brand and style? Jot down some words or phrases that represent your natural way to act and make decisions.
  • Are you more methodical or quick at the draw to respond? I am a processor and need time to mull over data before coming to a conclusion.
  • Are you an engager with people or prefer more time with your thoughts?


If you could dream about how you may want to adjust or change your leadership, what might that look like? Are there certain experiences you want to add or are there some skills or knowledge you want to acquire? For many years I was fascinated with personality assessments and felt that attaining my certification in Myers-Briggs would truly enrich my leadership and me. What do you think you may want to learn about?


As with any change, it may necessary to factor into the process several iterations or redo’s. That’s perfectly acceptable and probably preferable in getting to a more substantive outcome. Remember it look a little while to get to your present leadership place, so let your narrative flow.


Once you decide on your direction begin writing it by taking forward actions. Don’t let fear or concern of how others may react deter your plans or changes.

What actions have you taken when you were at a crossroad in your leadership? What strategies have empowered you to make a change?

11 thoughts on “Is It Time To Mix Up Your Leadership Story?

  1. Love it, Terri!

    I’ve had more hairstyles and colors than I can count because I liked to reflect a commitment to change on the inside with an outer change – my hair.

    I appreciate that you’re helping all of us make changes to our personal leadership with both focused attention and intention. Cutting your hair is one thing, and creates an instant shift in the way you look and even feel. Stepping into a new way of being is another and takes time to authentically shift and sustain.

    Thanks, Terri!

  2. My leadership needs more organization. As my role and responsibilities have grown, my organization system did not. Now I have become too reactive due to inefficiencies in the way I work. Organization is definitely my next growth step.

  3. There are so many ways to make our leadership feel more impactful and meaningful. Whether we want to change our physical presentation or actively pursue new experiences, we just need to take action.

    You bring up a great point about giving ourselves time to make the changes. The process can be just as important as the outcome.

    Thanks Alli for adding your insights!

  4. Often when we take on new responsibilities we need to re-evaluate our daily routines and decide what we no longer need to be overseeing and perhaps delegate that task.

    Organizational skills are essential for strong and effective leaders. These skills can be learned and practiced to become routine.

    I so appreciate you stopping by, WJ and adding your great comments!

  5. I also encourage leaders to take on cross-functional leadership roles that really scare them. Moving laterally into areas you know little about can really “shake things up” and help you grow as a leader in ways you didn’t even know you needed to, and it also provides energized perspective for the folks you’re leading.

  6. What a creative way to help leaders become energized! Not only will the individual leader benefit from dappling in areas that are new to them, but an organization will gain a more experienced workforce.

    And I love the idea of trying out skills or opportunities that may be frightening to us. We are only limited by our fears.

    Thanks Karin!

  7. I absolutely love the idea of opening ourselves to new skills and experiences will add value to our leadership abilities.

    When we try new things we learn new things about ourselves. Self-awareness is so important, and it’s a life long journey.

    Many people believe that once they’ve done a personality assessment, that’s it! Not so. We continue to evolve and uncover valuable aspects of our personality—if we choose. Many quit wayyyyy too soon.

    Thanks, Terri!

  8. Great points, Terri. Knowing who you are is as important to knowing who you want to be. In between these two points, we learn, grow, and take the actions to lead with a better leadership story. Goes hand-in-hand with developing a solid theme! Thanks for your spot-on actions and insights. Jon

  9. You are so right LaRae that we can’t stop learning and growing especially when we feel we are at an intersection of our path.

    Being able to know where we are and where we want to go helps synthesize the direction and choices we need to make.

    Thanks for your additions! They always add so much to the conversation.

  10. They do help us develop a solid theme- a great post by you today!

    Leaders don’t always take the time to reflect before jumping to the next place. Great internal discovery can help us make the leap.

    Thanks Jon!

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