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What Is The Best Way For Leaders To Learn Their Business?


My father was a salesman. He owned a small storm window and storm door business that he was very proud of. He worked very hard trying to grow his company as economic changes often dictated different conditions. He had an entrepreneurial spirit that never allowed him to give up or quit. Whenever I would ask him how he learned all about his products and services he would always say the same thing:

“ I learned everything about my business from my customers. They taught me the ins and outs of my industry and how to be successful.”

What an insight for any leader to recognize that they could grow and flourish by turning… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Five Signs You Are A Leader With Integrity

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One of the most critical qualities leaders say they must possess is integrity. When asking leaders what is important for great leadership, there isn’t a time that integrity doesn’t pop-up. It also doesn’t matter what type of job or industry that leaders work, integrity tops almost every list.

How would you define integrity? Here are two definitions:

  •  the quality of being honest and fair
  •  the state of being complete or whole

Most of us are more familiar with the first definition even though each of us may have a different understanding of what it means to be honest and fair. But being complete and whole is not… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Five Ingredients To Trustworthy Leadership

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I happen to love baking apple pies. Through the years I have experimented with many different piecrust recipes, some containing butter and some containing shortening. Not all recipes lead to tasty piecrusts so I have learned to trust my past baking strategies and only incorporate a new ingredient if it aligns with my past successes.

Learning to be a trustworthy leader is similar to baking an apple pie. We need to take a hard look at what goes into being trustworthy and identify the core elements that make it work. We also need to look at the trustworthy leaders we have worked with and how they were able to gain our trust.


Four No-No’s Of Leadership


Before I put together any presentation, I make sure to do my homework and research about the topic. I also try to find out as much as possible about the audience and some of their concerns. During my preparation, I learn many new things about the challenges people may be facing and how I might help them try new ways to overcome them. Gathering the facts and looking for the real issues helps me connect more deeply with my speech. This week was no exception as I gathered new insights into why leaders aren’t able to be more influential and make a greater impact on their teams.

Four eye-openers emerged from my research that helped me take

Is It Possible To Customize Leadership Tool Kits?

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In the NY Times this morning there was an article about how several small companies are using algorithms to market specific products like clothing, make-up and wines to different individuals. The concept is to make online shopping more customized for buyers based on their particular needs and buying patterns. The companies look at similar customers and create probable products to ship them each month. So I got to thinking whether a similar concept could be applied to leaders. Using a group of metrics, would it be possible to create monthly tool kits for leaders? What would these tool kits look like and contain?

My response of course is a resounding: Yes!! Why… Continue reading | 10 Comments