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Five Leadership Approaches To Wake-Up A Team

How does your team look these days? Are team members dragging their feet, awaiting a vacation or a day off? Has the routine and workload gotten the better of everyone? Maybe the direction the team is following doesn’t seem to make a lot a sense or support the overall organizational goals. Whatever is happening, it may be time for a shake-up or wake-up. But who will lead the charge to disrupt or challenge the team?

Working with teams for many years, I often hear someone complain about how dysfunctional their team is. Finger pointing is often the way a team communicates when deadlines are missed and team members are frustrated. It’s always someone… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Lessons My Father Taught Me About Empowered Leadership

Scan 151720003-pic of dad

This past weekend was Father’s Day and a day that I often think about my father. A father-daughter relationship can be quite complicated but one that often sets the tone for a daughter’s perception of herself. As the years go by and my dad is no longer here to share his words, I realize how important the lessons were that he taught me. The guidance he gave me throughout my life stands with me today and has steered me to being an empowered leader.

Here is what my father taught me:


My father always followed the path he thought made the most sense to him. He honored his decision-making… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Are Leaders Getting More Risk Adverse?


My leadership programs this week were vibrant with great fun, laughter, learning and connecting. The participants were eager to grab some new skills for their leadership toolbox while sharing their knowledge and experiences. As they worked on some of their department challenges, something that I hadn’t seen recently emerged. Discussion after discussion sounded like this:

“When we can’t solve our problem, we just give it to our boss.”

“We have little control over changing it, so we might as well just work with it.”

“We have some great ideas to improve the process, but we don’t think anyone will listen to us.”

Not a great mindset for innovation or change. Were these talented individuals really… Continue reading | 6 Comments

How Leaders Help Others Find Their Genius


“Ultimately my job, with the people who work for me, is to find your genius, and to help you find your genius. And if we can do that, that’s the magic.” 

                                                            Amy Errett, Chief Execuitve of Madison Reed

 When was the last time you purposely tried to discover the gifts or genius in your co-workers, team members or people you come into contact with daily? Maybe the better question is: Have you ever thought about what talents or strengths people have that you connect with… Continue reading | 23 Comments

Leaders Need to Share Their Stories

Throughout all my years of consulting leaders, I have always learned the most from anecdotes that others shared. These stories can be very powerful and usually portray the multi-faceted aspects of a leader. Have you ever spent the time to write your own story? What would you write about?

Some important questions you might ask yourself before you create your narrative might include:

  • What have I accomplished?
  • Who have I become or evolved into?
  • What can I do now that I could not do before?
  • What are my core values and how did I learn them?
  • Which people in my life have helped to shape me?
  • What obstacles have I overcome?

I think that many of the mantras that… Continue reading | 3 Comments