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Unlock Your Leadership Mind To Move Ahead

I have always wanted to attend this kind of presentation but never had the opportunity. I still dream of being a presenter one day. I watch so many of them on YouTube and each time I am inspired after listening to the speakers’ words. It is extraordinary how a well-crafted story and talk can help us dream bigger and reach further into our minds to think differently. The direction of our careers can even be re-routed by exposing ourselves to this experience. Have you guessed by now where I went?

A TEDx conference!

I had the privilege of attending TEDxMorristown 2017. This local TEDx talk was just what my imagination needed. I allowed… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Four Scary Leadership Masks


With Halloween upon us, what better time than now to expose how hiding behind a frightening mask can impact our leadership. Working with leaders at many different levels, I have seen the craziest and most debilitating leadership masks. One healthcare leader had the scariest looking eyes mask and seemed to stare at everyone he met. Another young leader hid behind her mask of “never asking questions” until she fell flat on her face.

Masks have become a “norm” for some leaders as they muddle their way through their jobs and careers. We might think that a mask can protect our imperfections and blind spots but honestly by tackling the challenging pieces of our… Continue reading | 12 Comments

Seven Tips To Powerful Leadership Storytelling


What type of leader do you want to be?

 If someone were to ask you what your brand of leadership looks like, what would you say?

 Have you thought about how you reached the point of leading that you are today?

Sure we all want to make valuable contributions and feel that others see our worth. But how exactly can we lead so that our team members and colleagues see our unique capabilities and gifts?

Perhaps the most powerful way is through storytelling.

Through storytelling we can be impactful leaders if we are able to share our thoughts and vision with excitement. But to capture the imaginations of our team members… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Seven Indisputable Leadership Credibility Factors

pic for credible leadership

Whether we lead a team, contribute individually or collaborate with colleagues, our leadership influence depends on how others see us. If we want to grow our career and help others reach their career goals, we need to not only be strong role models but also leaders who demonstrate care for the people we connect with along the way.

No matter the industry, no matter our particular role, leaders must demonstrate that they are the “real thing”. One leader I worked with had a manager who kept changing his mind and was never clear about what he wanted the young leader to focus on. As a result the young leader was a… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Seven Ways To Own Your Leadership

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Reading through all the lessons that many leadership gurus share on social media and in their books, a leader can become overwhelmed. One can even begin to question whether they are a leader at all, given what they see others doing. Some of us work really hard in our jobs, consumed with our daily goals and objectives, unable to take stock in what we have accomplished. We think that other leaders are far more knowledgeable and experienced, not giving ourselves the credit we deserve. Have these thoughts or feelings ever entered your mind? 

STOP! Stop sabotaging yourself and instead look at ways to own your leadership.

These 7