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Five Leadership Approaches To Wake-Up A Team

How does your team look these days? Are team members dragging their feet, awaiting a vacation or a day off? Has the routine and workload gotten the better of everyone? Maybe the direction the team is following doesn’t seem to make a lot a sense or support the overall organizational goals. Whatever is happening, it may be time for a shake-up or wake-up. But who will lead the charge to disrupt or challenge the team?

Working with teams for many years, I often hear someone complain about how dysfunctional their team is. Finger pointing is often the way a team communicates when deadlines are missed and team members are frustrated. It’s always someone… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Hit Your Creativity Button To Delight Customers

During a recent short out- of- town adventure, my leadership antennae went into high gear. Going into any new local, I am usually very excited and pumped to learn and recharge my batteries. It is a great opportunity to take time to just think and dream and plan. This particular trip involved heavy rains, flooding and thunderstorms. They were relentless and I was at a “beachy” resort. To add to the frustration, nobody at the resort seemed particularly caring or concerned with the needs of their visitors. Except for one amazing maintenance man. A true leader.

 When we initially arrived the conversation with an employee at the front desk sounded like this:

“Welcome… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Seven Strategies To Lead Through Disappointment


We lost all gas coming into our house this week and that meant no heat and no hot water. After waiting eight hours for the gas company to arrive (we were not considered a priority as it wasn’t a leak), heat was restored but they were unable to get our hot water heater working. A day later we finally had our hot water back. This was topping off a year of some challenges and disappointments that so many of you too experience. Some of these letdowns may be related to our professional life while some may be more personal obstacles. It doesn’t really matter which. What matters is how we face these setbacks and how we

Five Things Leaders Gain When They Stop Blaming


At the end of all my workshops, I always go around the room and ask what one thing each participant took away from the program. It is a great way for people to identify what they felt was valuable and what actions they may want to take to help them grow their leadership. This week was no exception and one brave individual shared:

“ I realized for the first time that I too was contributing to the problem. It wasn’t only the other departments who were causing the issues.”

“Wow!” I responded. “That was pretty incredible for you to admit.”

How many times have we blamed someone else for creating an obstacle when we… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Face Your Fears Straight On

pic for face your fears

I have never been a big fan of snowstorms. I don’t mind the white fluffy stuff but driving in it is another story. Since my college days when I went to school in Buffalo, NY, I learned to brave the icy roads by just getting in my car, turning on the ignition and moving. Slipping and sliding was par for the course and eventually I got use to enduring imperfect road conditions and insane drivers. When I moved back to the NY metropolitan area, I didn’t quite leave my complicated, irrational fears about the snow behind and as a result, I still dread the weather alerts that scream: “Snowstorm to arrive in your area… Continue reading | 8 Comments