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Five Tactics To Becoming An Empowered Leader

Leadership is not about a position or title. Leadership is not about taking over a team and dictating what needs to be accomplished. Leadership is not about lecturing others to make sure our ideas are selected for a solution. Leadership is not about being the loudest or smartest in the room.

So what is leadership all about?

Leadership is all about becoming empowered and helping others become empowered. It is about creating cultures of empowerment within organizations and teams. When we feel empowered we can lead with confidence and compassion. We can impact our worlds of work in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Here are five tactics to becoming an empowered leader:

What Changes When Leaders Meet Face-To-Face?

For many years I have been partnering with an organization to provide leadership training for many different industries. As with any long-term collaboration, we sometimes disagree or view the customer challenges from different perspectives. If we end up being on opposite pages of thinking, we talk it through to come up with a solution that we both could live with. But recently things started to change. There was a clean sweep of leadership in the organization and before I realized what had happened I started dealing with an entire new group of “names.” I describe the new leaders as “names” because that is all I had to go on. I had no faces to connect… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Leadership Is All About Flexing To Others


The leaders in my recent leadership programs focused on getting to know what makes them tick. They spent a great deal of time looking inwards to get a feel for how they behave and present themselves to team members as well as to colleagues. For many, it was an eye-opening process to realize they are extremely methodical or naturally run with their gut.

One participant shared:

“I have no patience to listen to long drawn out stories and procedures. Why can’t people just get to the point?”

Another participant revealed:

“It is so hard for me to make a quick decision. I really need in-depth information and facts before I can… Continue reading | 6 Comments

What Do Empty Store Fronts and High Turnover Have In Common?


For the past six months my local town has been facing many store closings. Although we have always had a vibrant downtown area, retail establishments seem to be unable to keep their doors open lately. Week after week it seems that another store is closing and no new stores seem to be coming in. Similarly, in several organizations I have worked with in the past year seem to be experiencing a revolving door of employees. More employees seem to be exiting at a greater rate than new employees starting.

What is causing both phenomena to happen?

In a nutshell, both store renters and employees are facing an unsustainable environment. Although some of the factors… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Seven Trustworthy Leadership Tactics


Working with many different types of leaders and organizations, it is fascinating to see both the levels of trust and distrust that exist. I sense it right away when team members have a high degree of trust for one another. There is a real feeling of camaraderie and respect. I also pick up on severe disconnections and distrust. In these situations there tends to be a great deal of finger pointing and blame.

Why do we trust some people and not others? What elements help us cultivate trust? How do leaders make sure they model trustworthiness and empower their team members to do the same?

Here are seven trustworthy leadership tactics that have worked for