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Five Practices To Strengthen Your Leadership Status

One thing I know for sure about leaders- if they believe they know everything about their field or career and there isn’t anything else that can help them grow, they are sunk. When leaders allow their experience and expertise to prevent them from learning new concepts or processes, they will begin a downward spiral in their organizations and careers.

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What I have also observed is that age and background has nothing to do with our desire to learn new skills or have new experiences. Some of the youngest leaders I work with are sometime more closed minded to new approaches than seasoned leaders… Continue reading | 4 Comments

How Long Should Leaders Stay With One Company?

Many things have changed in our work worlds and one of them is whether longevity at one particular organization is helpful in our careers. Does spending a large part of our careers at one place matter? Is it a positive or a negative for our career growth?

Should you stay or should you go?

In a leadership program this week, I worked with leaders who had spent the majority of their careers at one company. They were actually deciding on their next crossroad and I was helping them with strategies for their Second Acts. For each of them, Act 2 was going to look a little different and we worked hard and also… Continue reading | 3 Comments

Punch Holes In Your Leadership Routine To Thrive

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Just like most people, I depend on my fail-safe routine to get me through my workday. I have set up systems to begin my day, respond to emails, return calls, design programs and present. It seems to flow and I feel comfortable knowing this fairly tight schedule is in place. The truth about routines is that they can save us from falling off-track but they also can prevent us from switching to a new track. Routines can keep us on a fixed path that may be adding to our success while at the same time not helping us grow our leadership.

[Tweet “Deeply held routines propel leaders forward while maintaining the status… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Can Reading Fiction Save A Leader?

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To grow and evolve, leaders often turn to business books that share new work trends or address challenges they may be facing in the workplace. By learning how others solve the same problems we are facing, we gain insights and alternative steps to resolving our glitches. So many of us gravitate towards non-fiction to learn new strategies.

I’ve been thinking about why we choose these self-improvement and business type genre over a work of fiction? Why do we avoid reaching for that novel or historical literature? Is there ever a reason we may want to delve into a deep narrative and not come up for air until a twist in… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Seven Roads To Creative Leadership

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At one time or another, each of us faces a challenging situation in our professional or personal life that opens the door to all of our doubts and insecurities. It may come in the form of being passed over for a promotion or a team member ridicules our work or maybe we are being blamed for missing an important deadline. These moments often beg us to rethink how we went about our routines and how we may have added our personal touch to our decisions and actions. We may even ask ourselves:

“Where did I go wrong?”

“Why did I approach the situation that way?”

“When will I be seen… Continue reading | 6 Comments