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Seven Critical Leadership Rituals

Rituals are important to the survival of any organization as they contribute to the unique culture of a workplace. Rituals can mean honoring our co-workers’ birthdays with cards that everyone signs and a special birthday cake or making Wednesday “Bagel Day” for the firm. Some teams embrace the ritual of a monthly Happy Hour to connect with everyone in a less formal setting while other teams support a “Field Day” filled with outdoor activities to get to know one another better. Whatever the ritual, to feel part of our work worlds we honor those routines and behaviors.

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Why Leading With Kindheartedness Makes Sense

I have seen all shapes and types of leaders in my workshops. There is never a program I present that I don’t learn something new from a participant. But of all the qualities that contribute to strong and impactful leadership, the one that stands out and makes the greatest impression for me is kindheartedness.

What is kindheartedness?

A few definitions are:

  • Having or showing a sympathetic nature
  • Friendly or generous by nature
  • Arising from a kind heart
  • Sharing the feelings of others

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How To Become A Grateful Leader


At this time of year in the United States we gather with our families and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. We take stock in all that we are grateful for- both the big and the small wins. The reality is that most of us have also faced challenges during the year and have needed to rely on our support systems to help us get through. Our lives are imperfect and that means we can choose to dwell on the disappointments or focus on what we are grateful for.

Let’s choose to lead with gratitude in both our personal and professional lives. When we are grateful we bring out the best in ourselves and in others.

Five Ways To Add Heart To Your Leadership

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During this stressful primary campaign season in the U.S., candidates are trying to show how their particular leadership strategy is best for the future. Whether we agree with a direction or not, there is always some great lessons to be learned. One of candidates shared that what he gained from this experience was to be open to listening not only with his brain, but also with his heart. When he listened with his heart, he was able to make authentic connections with voters and he discovered more about their true needs. What an extraordinary concept- listening with our hearts leads us to deeper and more meaningful connections with people.

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What Is Leading With Gratitude?

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Each of us has many things to be grateful for in our imperfect personal and professional lives. Although it may be easier to look at what is not working, it is more empowering for leaders to identify what we are thankful for. As Thanksgiving approaches for many of us, let’s explore ways to show our gratitude.

Here are ten ways to demonstrate all we are grateful for:

1. Send a note of gratitude

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