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Seven Choices To Compassionate Leadership

It’s easy to give up on team members or colleagues when they don’t meet our expectations. When co-workers don’t pull through in the way we thought they would or should, we often become angry or feel let down. We even may become defensive and be ready to go on the attack.

Have you faced any of these frustrating situations in your workplaces or collaborations?

  • Missing information for a project
  • Deadlines that are ignored or miscalculated
  • Being omitted from an important email
  • Not being part of a team decision
  • Overlooked to be part of a Happy Hour after work

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Unlock Your Leadership Mind To Move Ahead

I have always wanted to attend this kind of presentation but never had the opportunity. I still dream of being a presenter one day. I watch so many of them on YouTube and each time I am inspired after listening to the speakers’ words. It is extraordinary how a well-crafted story and talk can help us dream bigger and reach further into our minds to think differently. The direction of our careers can even be re-routed by exposing ourselves to this experience. Have you guessed by now where I went?

A TEDx conference!

I had the privilege of attending TEDxMorristown 2017. This local TEDx talk was just what my imagination needed. I allowed… Continue reading | 6 Comments

8 Ways To Lead Your Best Collaboration Ever

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At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, General Motors and Lyft announced that they would be collaborating to build a network of on demand autonomous vehicles that will make getting around more affordable, accessible and enjoyable. Very exciting news for the future of these two companies! This is also a very smart collaboration for them and for the consumers who use Lyft. Although these organizations produce different products and services, they could visualize how they could support one another and grow their brands. It takes great leadership vision to see how working with someone else from an entirely different industry can be a growth opportunity and a win-win for both organizations.

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Three Critical Questions For Senior Leaders


They all came to the conference with the possibility of learning about the new trends in the industry and seeing their colleagues. They were willing to sit through many sessions with an eye to bring back new ideas and lessons to each of the firms they lead. They were all leaders in their own right, with courage and vision. These were the leaders I had the privilege of presenting to on “Why Leadership Matters” this past weekend in New Orleans.

It is never easy being vulnerable and sharing the truths of what is happening in our workplaces. To expose the challenges we face each day can feel risky and uncomfortable. But that is exactly what happened during… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Four Ways To Lead With Customers

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Marketing has always been a challenge for me, although I am learning so many ways to overcome my fears. Sometimes when we get an obstacle stuck in our heads, it can take extra focus to jump over it. So what I have tried to do is not look at marketing as an overwhelming activity, but rather as a way to share and connect with others. In fact, I now realize that when I talk to people informally or have discussions with my clients about leadership, I am actually marketing.

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