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Unravel Your Leadership To Soar

My Problem-Solving workshops always bring a lot of laughter when leaders explore the good and the ugly of challenges they face in their workplaces. It is a great opportunity for participants to take a down and dirty look at ways to overcome roadblocks. In one of the programs we spent a great deal of time working on ways to improve communication flow from customers to team members. Information wasn’t being disseminated effectively so both customers and team members were constantly frustrated. In another organization only a small number of people ended up contributing to a solution and there wasn’t a great deal of buy-in. Although decisions were made, team members often did not utilize… Continue reading | 6 Comments

How Do You Highlight Your Leadership?

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During a recent phone call with a client, I was asked what were my specialties. They wanted to know what I “preferred” to present and what was my true expertise. I responded with my pitch, telling them about my background and ways I have impacted teams and organizations. I passionately shared how I have helped develop future leaders and how I empowered teams to excel. But something was missing and I really needed to put my finger on my leadership pulse. I started to think:

How do I really make an impact?

In what ways have I fulfilled my promises to clients and colleagues?

What are the highlights of my

Four Critical Leadership Traits

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Have you ever thought about what makes you an influential leader? I’m always on the hunt for insights and clues to why one leader is able to connect with their team and colleagues while another leader has such a challenging time building relationships. How is one leader able to rally their troops to face an uncertain challenge while another leader is standing on the front lines all by themselves?

I became intrigued with some research from The Center For Creative Leadership that involved interviews with both middle managers and CEO’s. According to their surveys, there are four critical leadership traits: integrity, bravery, perspective and social intelligence. As I read through the study, I began… Continue reading | 14 Comments

Are You A Hands-Off Or Hands-On Leader?


When I go looking for a new car, I am always amazed at how many choices there are available. I am also surprised why people choose cars that seem so unappealing to me or ones, which would not complement the way I live and work. Since I am a trainer, I am always throwing large flip charts into the back of my car, so I need an automobile with an easy lift back. I also live in a climate that has snow in the winter, so I typically choose an SUV to insure I can get to clients in different weather conditions. Well just like car models, there are many different styles of leading and not one style… Continue reading | 12 Comments

Is Consensus Always The Way To Go?

Leading a diverse team with many different viewpoints and perspectives can be very challenging for any leader. We know the best decisions usually involve some type of compromise or consensus opinion, but is that always the soundest way to lead? Are there times when leaders might not be able to use a consensus vote or even deliberately avoid a consensus tally? In fact, are certain decisions made more effectively without consensus? The answer is most definitely “yes” and here are some reasons why and ways to go about leading when a leader decides against consensus.

 Consensus or Not

We need to make a quick decision: In the workplace, it is sometimes necessary to respond quickly. We might need to… Continue reading | 14 Comments