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What Happens If A Leader’s EQ Is Low?

Being a strong leader involves being an effective relationship builder. To develop meaningful connections with others we need to have the ability to read our own emotions accurately as well as recognize the emotions in our team members, colleagues and networks. In fact, some of us are so unaware of how we may be feeling in a particular situation that it is very difficult to respond appropriately to actions or behaviors we see. And then what happens? We do something or say something that we wish we hadn’t done or said.

Has this ever happened to you? So many of the leaders I partner with face this challenge daily either because they or the… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Four Critical Leadership Traits

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Have you ever thought about what makes you an influential leader? I’m always on the hunt for insights and clues to why one leader is able to connect with their team and colleagues while another leader has such a challenging time building relationships. How is one leader able to rally their troops to face an uncertain challenge while another leader is standing on the front lines all by themselves?

I became intrigued with some research from The Center For Creative Leadership that involved interviews with both middle managers and CEO’s. According to their surveys, there are four critical leadership traits: integrity, bravery, perspective and social intelligence. As I read through the study, I began… Continue reading | 14 Comments