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An Unlikely Opportunity Can Be A Gift For Leaders

Most careers are not linear. They don’t begin at an ideal starting point and progress until they land at a dreamy ending. Chances are we will come to many crossroads in our careers that will force us to make an imperfect decision. We may not have all the facts or know how a new position will be viewed in our organizations. We may be moved to an unfamiliar department or asked to work with an undesirable boss or co-worker. It may be necessary to take on additional responsibilities that will totally topple our daily apple cart. Or we may just have to take on tasks that we feel are out of our job requirements and… Continue reading | 4 Comments

What Changes When Leaders Meet Face-To-Face?

For many years I have been partnering with an organization to provide leadership training for many different industries. As with any long-term collaboration, we sometimes disagree or view the customer challenges from different perspectives. If we end up being on opposite pages of thinking, we talk it through to come up with a solution that we both could live with. But recently things started to change. There was a clean sweep of leadership in the organization and before I realized what had happened I started dealing with an entire new group of “names.” I describe the new leaders as “names” because that is all I had to go on. I had no faces to connect… Continue reading | 8 Comments

But What If My Team Doesn’t Want to Change? – Guest Post


Recently launching their exceptional new book, Winning Well, Karin Hurt and David Dye share their thoughts in a guest post.

Meet Simon, a call-center director supporting the business customers of a global telecom company. Quality was what mattered most for these valuable customers. So from Simon’s perspective, the new system the company had designed was genius.

Instead of customers typing their service orders in an email for employees to retype into the systems (which almost always contained errors), the customers now had an easy systems interface that would flow through to the backend systems.

The new approach was faster and provided higher quality and an added bonus: It worked on weekends. There was only one… Continue reading | 2 Comments

A Miserable Job- Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

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A question I am often asked by so many leaders at different points in their careers is- “When is the best time to leave my current position?” Of course if I had the perfect response I would share it with enthusiasm but the truth is, it depends. Everyone’s situation is different and each of us possesses a certain level of risk-taking and tolerance for a challenging work environment.

A week ago I was working with a young leader who was toying with making a move. He wasn’t sure what to do although his current situation was growing more and more unbearable. He was feeling unappreciated and not given much encouragement… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Seven Ways To Survive A Merger

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Many of us will experience a merger or acquisition during our careers. Some take place over a period of time while others seem to occur over night. Some are rolled out in a methodical way and others feel like a botched take-over. How we lead through them is key to how well we survive.

One helpful strategy is instead of looking at these events as devastating, we view these consolidations as an opportunity. In my Change workshops this week, facing a merger was center stage. The managers voiced their concerns:

“ I am so frustrated not knowing what is happening.”

“I wish I had the truth from senior leadership.”

“I don’t understand… Continue reading | 6 Comments