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Six Leadership Hacks To Manage Your Workload

In one of my leadership programs this past week, I met a very devoted leader who was overwhelmed with her workload. As she shared her story and challenges with us her face and entire body grew tense and rigid. She was visibly upset, shaking her head as she rolled out her struggles with us.

“I can’t seem to get a hold of all the work that keeps coming my way. Not only is the amount of work beyond doable, but also the people delegating it to me, don’t have a clue about what else I have been asked to complete. As a result I am continually missing deadlines and everyone seems to be… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Five Critical Leadership Skills To Grow


We begin our careers loading up on every technical skill we can. We want to master every part of our job and be comfortable carrying out each task with agility. That’s our goal as we strive to be the best leader we can and add value to our teams. Yet at some point we notice that although we may be capable of successfully completing any project, we are facing some different kind of challenges in persuading others.

This realization for some leaders that something has changed is expressed so often in many of my leadership workshops. An energizing discussion often emerges.

“Why won’t my team members listen to what I have to say?”… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Four Scary Leadership Masks


With Halloween upon us, what better time than now to expose how hiding behind a frightening mask can impact our leadership. Working with leaders at many different levels, I have seen the craziest and most debilitating leadership masks. One healthcare leader had the scariest looking eyes mask and seemed to stare at everyone he met. Another young leader hid behind her mask of “never asking questions” until she fell flat on her face.

Masks have become a “norm” for some leaders as they muddle their way through their jobs and careers. We might think that a mask can protect our imperfections and blind spots but honestly by tackling the challenging pieces of our… Continue reading | 12 Comments

Which Type of Leadership Skills Trump All Others?


I was having a discussion this week with a mother of a recent high school graduate. After congratulating her on her son’s achievement, she turned to me and said:

“My son really struggled with his academics, but is really good with people. He is so social and communicates with others in such a caring way.”

To which I replied, “ He will make it very far if he has strong interpersonal skills. Those are way more important than the technical ones. Don’t worry; wherever he ends up, he will master the technical parts of his job. But having the ability to connect with others, trumps all other skills.”

To which she replied in… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Freedom-The Ultimate Leadership Strategy

pic for freedom

As I watched the Memorial Day Parade in my local community this past weekend, I was taken with the diverse groups who shared their banners and costumes. The marchers had enormous smiles across their faces as they valiantly waved flags and shouted out cheers. The spectacle included town wide organizations as well as veterans who served so proudly in the name of freedom. One could not help but feel a sense of connectedness and belonging, two values that have steered us for so many years. As an entire nation comes together to honor our most important reason for our existence, being free, we celebrate in unison across the land.

The same can be… Continue reading | 8 Comments