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Five Tactics To Becoming An Empowered Leader

Leadership is not about a position or title. Leadership is not about taking over a team and dictating what needs to be accomplished. Leadership is not about lecturing others to make sure our ideas are selected for a solution. Leadership is not about being the loudest or smartest in the room.

So what is leadership all about?

Leadership is all about becoming empowered and helping others become empowered. It is about creating cultures of empowerment within organizations and teams. When we feel empowered we can lead with confidence and compassion. We can impact our worlds of work in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Here are five tactics to becoming an empowered leader:

Do Routines Empower Or Entrap A Leader?

Lauren wakes up the same time each day- 5:30am. She checks her phone, quickly washes, puts on her gym clothes, drinks her coffee and runs to the fitness center for a 45-minute workout or class. She returns home, showers, dresses and heads to work. First thing she does is open her email with a sigh of relief that nothing new has popped up since checking her phone an hour ago and grabs another cup of coffee. She is ready to start her day. Her day is filled with scheduled meetings, assignments to complete and deadlines. She brings lunch to her desk and hopes she will get out by 7pm to meet up with friends. She feels

Seven Indisputable Leadership Credibility Factors

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Whether we lead a team, contribute individually or collaborate with colleagues, our leadership influence depends on how others see us. If we want to grow our career and help others reach their career goals, we need to not only be strong role models but also leaders who demonstrate care for the people we connect with along the way.

No matter the industry, no matter our particular role, leaders must demonstrate that they are the “real thing”. One leader I worked with had a manager who kept changing his mind and was never clear about what he wanted the young leader to focus on. As a result the young leader was a… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Do You Hear What I Hear?

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The manager in the workshop seemed upset that her team wasn’t receiving the message she was sending out during a team meeting.

“Listen everyone. We need to be on a call late tonight to get the information from our colleagues in Asia. Without their input, we cannot finish our report which is due at the end of the week.”

The time for the call came and only the manager was on the line. No one else showed up. Once again she was all alone picking up the information. She shared her frustration with the rest of the participants in the program:

“I can’t figure it out. Why was I… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Freedom-The Ultimate Leadership Strategy

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As I watched the Memorial Day Parade in my local community this past weekend, I was taken with the diverse groups who shared their banners and costumes. The marchers had enormous smiles across their faces as they valiantly waved flags and shouted out cheers. The spectacle included town wide organizations as well as veterans who served so proudly in the name of freedom. One could not help but feel a sense of connectedness and belonging, two values that have steered us for so many years. As an entire nation comes together to honor our most important reason for our existence, being free, we celebrate in unison across the land.

The same can be… Continue reading | 8 Comments