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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

The Myers-Briggs instrument has been around for over 50 years. It is highly reliable, and well known throughout all different industries and organizations. It focuses on personality types and helps people understand why they do certain things… because it’s who they are.

It can really help organizations deal with conflict, team building, leadership, and myriad issues they may be facing. By helping employees become more self-aware of what they are like, they can learn how they can better interact and create rapport with other employees. As a certified Myers-Briggs consultant, I help interpret the results of the information derived from the MBTI for the benefit of both the organization and the individual.

Learn more about Myers-Briggs.

Management & Leadership Development

This workshop focuses on the skills and behaviors necessary to become a strong leader. Moving from manager to leader involves assessing one’s strengths and learning how to both manage and inspire others. Leading a team involves setting a strategic direction and gaining the trust in others to follow.

Supervisory Development

Organizations promote employees to supervisor for their strong technical skills. New supervisors need to learn the skills to supervise—delegating with authority, creating objectives and goal setting, communication, providing feedback and building collaboration. Front line supervisors are critical to high performance and an engaged workforce.

Assertive Communication

Learning to communicate one’s needs in a clear way while being respectful of another person’s point of view is the key to a strong communicator. Simple but powerful techniques can be mastered to enable anyone to communicate more effectively across an organization.

Manager As Coach

A critical skill for managers is the ability to coach and motivate their team members. Through a self-assessment, managers will learn their natural style of creating rapport with others and learn to be effective with different styles. Capitalizing on one’s strengths and overcoming the blind spots is at the heart of being a successful coach.

Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflict in a professional way can create a healthy work environment for an entire organization. This workshop explores the benefits and negative impact of conflict and presents strategies to deal effectively with conflict. After assessing one’s preferred conflict strategy, the focus will be on learning about the five recognized conflict strategies and when each is most likely to lead to success.

Change Management

The one constant in a business environment is change, especially in today’s turbulent times. Understanding the impact of change on people is helpful in dealing with it more successfully. Learn the stages of the change process and strategies to cope with our changing workplaces.

Team Building

Teams are the best way for companies to respond quickly to the fast paced global environment. In this program, we explore the roles of team players through interactive games. Learning the stages of team growth and where we are can be an insightful way to help teams move towards high performance.

Dealing With Difficult People

We may want to wish them away, but difficult people are here to stay. In this course we learn how to identify the behaviors and attitudes of difficult people, and then practice techniques to respond to these challenges.