Become an Empowered Leader

Each of us has the ability to become empowered in our professional and personal lives.

Empowered people can clearly see their purpose, their direction, and their dreams.

Empowered leaders energize and empower those around them, creating a culture that lifts everybody higher.

You can become an empowered leader by exploring the exercises in this ebook, Empowered Leadership: Five Leadership Empowerment Exercises.

Free to download, the ebook contains my five favorite leadership activities out of hundreds that I’ve used with clients and in workshops over 20 years.

I will also share some bonus tips via email that will help you and your team with the exercises.

We can all lead from wherever we are, without any particular position or title. Empowered leaders step up when they see an opportunity that can help them grow.

This is that opportunity.
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Become an Empowered Leader

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Long-lasting skills to solve real problems

I loved the airplane creativity exercise as it reminded me of the free thinking I did in childhood. It is a great tool for solving real problems.
Manager in Global Medical Devices Organization

For me, the leadership program exercises provided me with learning skills that will last a lifetime and can be used in personal and professional settings.
Senior leader in Global Marketing firm

The Think of a Great Leader exercise helped me become more self-aware and I enjoyed sharing my feelings. It also empowered me to be a stronger listener.
Partner in mid-size Accounting firm