The course was fantastic. I feel I have been given the tools to better communicate in difficult situations and have learned techniques for listening with more effectiveness. It was a very sensitive and fulfilling experience. Terri was dynamic, interactive and made it fun. Good take home pieces.”
—Manager, leading specialty pharmaceutical company focused on women’s health care, gastroenterology, dermatology and urology

Excellent presentations, very clear. I liked breaking up into groups, rolling up our sleeves and diving in. Terri was very articulate, warm, and fun with a wonderful mastery of subject. Just great!” 
—Manager, sterilization manufacturer/medical device & pharmaceutical industry

Excellent course and preparation went beyond my expectations. The instructor kept me interested and gave me a full understanding of the material. I liked all the exercises, the puzzle, the box & web of yarn and the LADDER approach for coaching sessions. I left the training energized and learned something.
Team Leader, day facility for disabled adults

I liked learning about the ‘I’ messages in communicating.”
—Manager, leading pharmaceutical company focused on women’s health care

I liked the real-life examples on how to utilize proper delegation skills and understanding of the various types of communication styles. I liked learning about the assertiveness model.”  
Project Manager, medical education company

Terri kept us actively participating.  It was a great program.  It kept my interest entirely. I like learning the 4 styles, including my own and identifying the other styles and how to work with them. It was fantastic!!”
—Manager, international insurance brokerage

Terri is a clear cut explainer, warm, knowledgable, approachable-great facilitator of discussion. She’s a fantastic instructor and trainer.”
—Project Manager, medical marketing company