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Leadership Empowerment: How To Lead From Where You Are

Interview with Dr. Richard Shuster from The Daily Helping

What does leadership empowerment mean?

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Leadership empowerment takes it to the next level because we really need to take initiative to make something better in our personal or professional lives. To become more confident, stronger, and gain more control over our lives, we need to take action by leveraging our unique gifts and talents.

We all need control over our own lives, or to steer the boat of our own life’s direction. However, sometimes something happens and we feel out of control. That’s when we need to locate our unique strengths and figure out how we can use them to… Continue reading

Seven Ways Leaders Connect With Customers


This past week I was placing an order for a client holiday gift when the unthinkable happened. I decided to contact the company by phone since the choices I wanted didn’t appear on the website. I set aside 25 minutes to make the call and place the order. The phone rang many times (ok it’s their busy season). When I finally got connected to a real person, they proceeded to speak over me and share some garbled information. I had ordered from them previously, but the individual on the other end could not find my file. This went on and on until they finally said, “I can’t help you. I need to find my supervisor.” And they immediately put… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Is Being An Accountable Leader Just Common Sense?

 revised pic for accountability

This intriguing question popped up in a leadership program I was presenting this week. A young, very bright and ambitious manager was very sincere in wondering why leaders need to think about being accountable.

“Isn’t being accountable just plain common sense?” she wondered.

The other managers in the workshop listened carefully and processed what she was feeling. I could see them mulling over how they felt about what was shared by the young manager.

“Not really” said one manager. “As leaders we need to look at how our team members are performing and make sure each person is contributing in the best possible way.”

“I think we need to set an… Continue reading | 10 Comments

What are the ingredients to Courageous Leadership?

As I work with different leaders across different industries, I constantly re-evaluate what it takes to be a brave and authentic leader. What are those ingredients that if mixed together will create a great leader? This is a recipe based on some great thinkers as well as my experiences.


Add together and blend:

  • Build a strong Team. According to the leadership guru Warren Bennis, great leaders need to have the capacity to build a team with compatibility and transparency. A brave and honest team leader can accurately assess the team members’ strengths and blind spots in shaping the identity of their team. Through assessments as well as experience