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Five Leadership Traits In A Free Workplace

Independence Day is upon us in the United States and many will celebrate with fireworks, social gatherings and plenty of barbecued food. It is a joyous time as we honor those who helped create a country of freedom and choice. Along with having the many opportunities, comes a great deal of responsibility and expectation. We need to be open to different points of view and be willing to hear all sides of an issue before declaring our stand. But what is most fascinating about this process is that once you actually behave this way, it becomes a way of life naturally.

The same is true for any team or organization. When individuals embrace a free… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Seven Ways To Overcome An Imploding Team

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Have you checked out the general health of your team lately? Does it seem that team members are dragging and projects aren’t as vibrant as they use to be? Maybe there are more bottlenecks popping up preventing a dynamic flow of information. Are some team members very engaged while others never step up to take on new responsibilities?

In some of my recent leadership workshops leaders shared that they are facing some steep hurdles that are derailing team performance and growth. When we first began to identify what might be causing some of these imbalances, it was easy to just blame others for not caring. But as we delved deeper real issues… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Lessons My Father Taught Me About Empowered Leadership

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This past weekend was Father’s Day and a day that I often think about my father. A father-daughter relationship can be quite complicated but one that often sets the tone for a daughter’s perception of herself. As the years go by and my dad is no longer here to share his words, I realize how important the lessons were that he taught me. The guidance he gave me throughout my life stands with me today and has steered me to being an empowered leader.

Here is what my father taught me:


My father always followed the path he thought made the most sense to him. He honored his decision-making… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Are Leaders Getting More Risk Adverse?


My leadership programs this week were vibrant with great fun, laughter, learning and connecting. The participants were eager to grab some new skills for their leadership toolbox while sharing their knowledge and experiences. As they worked on some of their department challenges, something that I hadn’t seen recently emerged. Discussion after discussion sounded like this:

“When we can’t solve our problem, we just give it to our boss.”

“We have little control over changing it, so we might as well just work with it.”

“We have some great ideas to improve the process, but we don’t think anyone will listen to us.”

Not a great mindset for innovation or change. Were these talented individuals really… Continue reading | 6 Comments

The Three C’s Of Leadership

Successful Business Meeting

An energetic but frustrated team leader I worked with recently, had some great ideas but was having a difficult time rallying her troops to see her vision. Her concerns about her team members ranged from:

“They are stuck in old routines and patterns.”

“They can’t hear what I am saying and are choosing to ignore me.”

“They only want to contribute up to a point and then they clean their hands.”

“They don’t see me as part of them, but rather as someone with a different agenda.”

She had great passion about her innovative ideas, but was unable to gain support or enthusiasm for her new direction. She felt as if… Continue reading | 11 Comments