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Unravel Your Leadership To Soar

My Problem-Solving workshops always bring a lot of laughter when leaders explore the good and the ugly of challenges they face in their workplaces. It is a great opportunity for participants to take a down and dirty look at ways to overcome roadblocks. In one of the programs we spent a great deal of time working on ways to improve communication flow from customers to team members. Information wasn’t being disseminated effectively so both customers and team members were constantly frustrated. In another organization only a small number of people ended up contributing to a solution and there wasn’t a great deal of buy-in. Although decisions were made, team members often did not utilize… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Five Things Leaders Gain When They Stop Blaming


At the end of all my workshops, I always go around the room and ask what one thing each participant took away from the program. It is a great way for people to identify what they felt was valuable and what actions they may want to take to help them grow their leadership. This week was no exception and one brave individual shared:

“ I realized for the first time that I too was contributing to the problem. It wasn’t only the other departments who were causing the issues.”

“Wow!” I responded. “That was pretty incredible for you to admit.”

How many times have we blamed someone else for creating an obstacle when we… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Are Leaders Getting More Risk Adverse?


My leadership programs this week were vibrant with great fun, laughter, learning and connecting. The participants were eager to grab some new skills for their leadership toolbox while sharing their knowledge and experiences. As they worked on some of their department challenges, something that I hadn’t seen recently emerged. Discussion after discussion sounded like this:

“When we can’t solve our problem, we just give it to our boss.”

“We have little control over changing it, so we might as well just work with it.”

“We have some great ideas to improve the process, but we don’t think anyone will listen to us.”

Not a great mindset for innovation or change. Were these talented individuals really… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Face Your Fears Straight On

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I have never been a big fan of snowstorms. I don’t mind the white fluffy stuff but driving in it is another story. Since my college days when I went to school in Buffalo, NY, I learned to brave the icy roads by just getting in my car, turning on the ignition and moving. Slipping and sliding was par for the course and eventually I got use to enduring imperfect road conditions and insane drivers. When I moved back to the NY metropolitan area, I didn’t quite leave my complicated, irrational fears about the snow behind and as a result, I still dread the weather alerts that scream: “Snowstorm to arrive in your area… Continue reading | 8 Comments

The Four L’s of Leadership

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Working with leaders across many different industries holding many different levels of responsibility, I can honestly say there isn’t a time I don’t add something new to my leadership toolbox. Whether someone shares a technology short cut or a new way to look at conflict, I continually grow. Leading from wherever we are presents us with opportunities to explore as well as take strategic action if we want to commit to leading.

As I saw with a group of leaders this week in a Problem Solving workshop, cultivating strong customer relationships requires focused and compassionate leadership. Even though these leaders were in a client-driven industry, they also needed to meet the expectations… Continue reading | 11 Comments