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Six Reasons Why Leaders Need Feedback

The truth about feedback is that it is a powerful gift. Whether we are a senior leader or an emerging leader, feedback provides us with critical information to become a stronger leader. Without feedback we would have a harder time fine tuning our leadership strategy.

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Are we sometimes fearful of hearing feedback from certain people? Sure. But maybe instead of looking at those comments and insights as personal attacks, we can see them as steps to lead more effectively. We can look at the behaviors we can adjust and actions we can take to transform our leadership to a higher level.

Here are six reasons

Five Coaching Tips For Leaders

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One of my favorite leadership workshops to present is “Leader As Coach”. So many managers believe that coaching is a critical skill for strong leadership, yet sometimes feel they avoid it due to time constraints or their lack of experience. They can list a ton of excuses of why they won’t or can’t coach:

“Why should I coach when people just leave?”

“I really can’t add another task to my already insanely busy job.”

“Coaching is not a one shot deal and who can keep up with the follow-through?”

“No one is coaching me now. So why should I?”

Usually we begin the day by sharing the behaviors and… Continue reading | 6 Comments

How To Unlock Your Feedback Style

In a recent management training program I presented, we explored obstacles to effective coaching sessions. We shared stories of feedback sessions gone wrong. We laughed, we groaned and then we decided to try to understand why some managers and leaders are more successful in developing connections with team members during these sessions. One manager avoided conflict at all cost, while another manager sensed a lack of trust and openness. Still another leader could not understand why their ideas and guidance were ignored constantly. All the managers were concerned with the amount of time these meetings required and weren’t quite sure if they could commit to the time constraints. Why is it so critical for leaders to share feedback successfully? Is feedback just for our team members or also helpful for

How Can Leaders Honor Relationships?

Whether we are senior executive leaders or middle management leaders, our biggest and most powerful challenge is creating the best team. According to Jim Collins, it all starts and ends with people. He points out that: “It all begins with people. Right people on the bus. Right people in the right seats on the bus. Then we can drive. The single most important skill for an Executive? The ability to pick the right people, to make disciplined people decisions and get the right people in the right jobs.” I would add that there is also a concluding step that honors and recognizes the value in each person’s contribution. The lifeline of our organizations is still the talent and how we choose to cultivate those precious work relationships can make or… Continue reading

Why Would Anyone Want To Be Led By You?

There are many essential elements to successful leadership but none more important than having followers. At the core of genuine leadership is the ability to create a cadre of followers who believe in your vision and abilities to achieve strategic goals. I am sure you have heard the saying, “ I would follow them off a cliff”. What that means is an unconditional acceptance of a leader, of putting full trust in an individual. Evolving into a respected leader takes time and skill. So how can you become that leader with a dedicated following?


  1. Expose Your Weaknesses: We all have those areas in our professional and personal lives that make us human. No one can