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Six Benefits of Making Relationships A Priority

Working with a senior leadership team this week was an eye opening experience. Although the organization is fairly technical in nature and usually focuses on end results, we began an important discussion on how to create stronger work connections. It seemed that although employees were performing well, there was not a great deal of camaraderie. In fact, what was happening was that the team leaders were only socializing with themselves and spent little time getting to know their team members. As a result, deeper work relationships were not being formed. Younger and newer team members were feeling unappreciated.

Why should senior leaders care about new workers coming up through the ranks? Why is it necessary

Technical Skills Got You Here But They Won’t Get You There

Many of us are familiar with this career scenario. We work hard to learn and master every technical part of our job in order to be recommended for the next promotion. We receive praise for the value we added to a project where we were able to utilize every bit of technical knowledge we were taught. We consider ourselves a SME (subject matter expert) in our field and hope this will help move us along our career path. Up until now, we have been rewarded for our expertise and knowledge. But then we get tripped up with this feedback:

“ Although you have strong marketing skills, it seems like you are having a difficult time

Leadership Is All About Flexing To Others


The leaders in my recent leadership programs focused on getting to know what makes them tick. They spent a great deal of time looking inwards to get a feel for how they behave and present themselves to team members as well as to colleagues. For many, it was an eye-opening process to realize they are extremely methodical or naturally run with their gut.

One participant shared:

“I have no patience to listen to long drawn out stories and procedures. Why can’t people just get to the point?”

Another participant revealed:

“It is so hard for me to make a quick decision. I really need in-depth information and facts before I can… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Are You A Change Freak?


Many of us have a healthy respect for change. We know it is always around the corner, yet we don’t necessarily peek our heads out to see it coming. When it knocks on our door, we open it up, smile and configure ways to embrace the new adventure. Can you imagine being someone who lives for change, thrives on constant repositioning like the changing of the guard at a palace?

 I know an amazing woman who resides in a small villa who lives to buy new furniture and rearrange her items on her desk. She grows tired of looking at the same colors and becomes energized when she can surround herself with new books and artifacts. I… Continue reading | 16 Comments

Knowing Your Personality Type Enhances Leadership

Understanding your strengths and blind spots of your personality can be the most essential ingredient to leadership success. Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment (MBTI)? Through this tool, a leader can learn about their personality preferences. When an individual becomes aware of what impacts them when they take in information or make decisions, they are better able to relate to the rest of their team.

So how does this really work and apply to real work environments? So let’s say you discover that when you lead, you tend to focus on facts, details and results. You use logical arguments in presenting your case to your team members. What if you have a few team members who are influenced more by their own values or the concerns… Continue reading | 1 Comment