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Five Super Bowl Strategies For Work Teams

We are ready for the biggest annual football game in the United States- the Super Bowl. Food and drinks of all crazy varieties will be served and people will gather to cheer for their favorite team. Everyone seems to have special gear to wear like tee shirts and hats that bear the name of their favorite team. Additionally, the over-the-top advertisements will be analyzed and spoken about for weeks to come. It’s kind of like a national holiday except it’s just another sports game. Or is it really something more profound than we give it credit for?

 The Super Bowl is actually all about teams and teamwork. We may view it as entertainment and… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Six Reasons Why Leaders Need Feedback

The truth about feedback is that it is a powerful gift. Whether we are a senior leader or an emerging leader, feedback provides us with critical information to become a stronger leader. Without feedback we would have a harder time fine tuning our leadership strategy.

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Are we sometimes fearful of hearing feedback from certain people? Sure. But maybe instead of looking at those comments and insights as personal attacks, we can see them as steps to lead more effectively. We can look at the behaviors we can adjust and actions we can take to transform our leadership to a higher level.

Here are six reasons

Lead With A Proper Goodbye To Summer

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For many leaders, Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer. It is when the days begin to get shorter and the temperatures commence their descent downward. There tends to be a little sadness in the air as the carefree (or at least less busy) routines of vacations and connecting with family and friends slowly dissipates. We know what lies ahead and some may not want to welcome the change as readily as others. It’s really not that dismal, just an adjustment and realignment that starts with a healthy send-off of the summer season.

Leaders can’t greet the new season without first acknowledging what has transpired during the past few months and… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Five Coaching Tips For Leaders

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One of my favorite leadership workshops to present is “Leader As Coach”. So many managers believe that coaching is a critical skill for strong leadership, yet sometimes feel they avoid it due to time constraints or their lack of experience. They can list a ton of excuses of why they won’t or can’t coach:

“Why should I coach when people just leave?”

“I really can’t add another task to my already insanely busy job.”

“Coaching is not a one shot deal and who can keep up with the follow-through?”

“No one is coaching me now. So why should I?”

Usually we begin the day by sharing the behaviors and… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Four Critical Leadership Traits

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Have you ever thought about what makes you an influential leader? I’m always on the hunt for insights and clues to why one leader is able to connect with their team and colleagues while another leader has such a challenging time building relationships. How is one leader able to rally their troops to face an uncertain challenge while another leader is standing on the front lines all by themselves?

I became intrigued with some research from The Center For Creative Leadership that involved interviews with both middle managers and CEO’s. According to their surveys, there are four critical leadership traits: integrity, bravery, perspective and social intelligence. As I read through the study, I began… Continue reading | 14 Comments