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Technical Skills Got You Here But They Won’t Get You There

Many of us are familiar with this career scenario. We work hard to learn and master every technical part of our job in order to be recommended for the next promotion. We receive praise for the value we added to a project where we were able to utilize every bit of technical knowledge we were taught. We consider ourselves a SME (subject matter expert) in our field and hope this will help move us along our career path. Up until now, we have been rewarded for our expertise and knowledge. But then we get tripped up with this feedback:

“ Although you have strong marketing skills, it seems like you are having a difficult time

What Does Your Leadership Model Look Like?

pic for leadership model

I’m a big believer in visuals and images. When leaders make commitments to themselves and their teams about the importance of strong leadership, words may not be enough. Although words can be a good way to begin a conversation or reflection about leadership, words don’t always display your entire leadership story. For example, if one of your critical leadership values is “building relationships”, it may be unclear what that means. But what if you constructed a bridge connecting team members or drew a picture of people connected to a web of yarn? Might that visual help you clarify and describe more completely how relationships are built?

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How Do You Highlight Your Leadership?

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During a recent phone call with a client, I was asked what were my specialties. They wanted to know what I “preferred” to present and what was my true expertise. I responded with my pitch, telling them about my background and ways I have impacted teams and organizations. I passionately shared how I have helped develop future leaders and how I empowered teams to excel. But something was missing and I really needed to put my finger on my leadership pulse. I started to think:

How do I really make an impact?

In what ways have I fulfilled my promises to clients and colleagues?

What are the highlights of my

Are You A Hands-Off Or Hands-On Leader?


When I go looking for a new car, I am always amazed at how many choices there are available. I am also surprised why people choose cars that seem so unappealing to me or ones, which would not complement the way I live and work. Since I am a trainer, I am always throwing large flip charts into the back of my car, so I need an automobile with an easy lift back. I also live in a climate that has snow in the winter, so I typically choose an SUV to insure I can get to clients in different weather conditions. Well just like car models, there are many different styles of leading and not one style… Continue reading | 12 Comments

What Leaders Learned from 2012

For many of us, this past year was filled with both successes and challenges. As 2012 closes, it is a great time to reflect on what went well and what could have gone better. Looking back is always a healthy exercise because it allows us to gain a big picture perspective. It also enables us to stay away from the less important details that can bog us down. Here are a few steps that may guide you through this analysis:



  1. Make a list of your accomplishments in 2012- Always commence a self-reflective process on a positive note. Don’t worry about the order or the importance; just itemize all the projects you tackled during