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Six Leadership Hacks To Manage Your Workload

In one of my leadership programs this past week, I met a very devoted leader who was overwhelmed with her workload. As she shared her story and challenges with us her face and entire body grew tense and rigid. She was visibly upset, shaking her head as she rolled out her struggles with us.

“I can’t seem to get a hold of all the work that keeps coming my way. Not only is the amount of work beyond doable, but also the people delegating it to me, don’t have a clue about what else I have been asked to complete. As a result I am continually missing deadlines and everyone seems to be… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Four Scary Leadership Masks


With Halloween upon us, what better time than now to expose how hiding behind a frightening mask can impact our leadership. Working with leaders at many different levels, I have seen the craziest and most debilitating leadership masks. One healthcare leader had the scariest looking eyes mask and seemed to stare at everyone he met. Another young leader hid behind her mask of “never asking questions” until she fell flat on her face.

Masks have become a “norm” for some leaders as they muddle their way through their jobs and careers. We might think that a mask can protect our imperfections and blind spots but honestly by tackling the challenging pieces of our… Continue reading | 12 Comments

How much is too much micromanaging?

I was recently reading an interview with a president of a Global Health Program who spoke about the difficult transition from worker bee to manager. He thought that one of the biggest challenges facing that person is the issue of delegation. He asked the question, “How can you have the team do what you would do yourself without you doing it?” He then remarked, “I don’t micromanage.” Although this president always knows what’s going on, he doesn’t tell people what to do. He also doesn’t get caught up in the details.

I thought this was a profound comment. It is very challenging for new team leaders and supervisors or managers to let go of what they are so technically proficient. After all, isn’t that why they were promoted to… Continue reading | 1 Comment