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Six Reasons Why Leaders Need Feedback

The truth about feedback is that it is a powerful gift. Whether we are a senior leader or an emerging leader, feedback provides us with critical information to become a stronger leader. Without feedback we would have a harder time fine tuning our leadership strategy.

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Are we sometimes fearful of hearing feedback from certain people? Sure. But maybe instead of looking at those comments and insights as personal attacks, we can see them as steps to lead more effectively. We can look at the behaviors we can adjust and actions we can take to transform our leadership to a higher level.

Here are six reasons

How Will You Lead In 2017?


As 2016 comes to a close, leaders have a great opportunity to map out their direction for the coming year. Some of us may want to continue along the same path and simply delve more deeply. Other leaders may decide to reorient themselves all together and reconfigure their strategies. While some of us may fall in between, integrating some of our last year plans with some different or new approaches. A great way to identify the best strategy for 2017 is to actually coach ourselves through the process. It might sound a bit crazy, but we can direct our next year’s planning through the GROW model.

The model was originally developed in the… Continue reading | 11 Comments

Four Ways To Become A Leadership Connector


No leader can make it on their own. We may sometimes think it is best to drive our dreams in a solo airplane, but that will get us just so far. When we hit brick walls and can’t seem to push ourselves forward, we often need to turn to the people we work or collaborate with to give us a little kick or help. So if each of us needs assistance and encouragement at different points, why are we sometimes reluctant to offer it to others? What are we afraid of or why aren’t we extending a helping hand?

Leaders can feel threatened by helping someone else get to the next level. That may sound… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Five Coaching Tips For Leaders

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One of my favorite leadership workshops to present is “Leader As Coach”. So many managers believe that coaching is a critical skill for strong leadership, yet sometimes feel they avoid it due to time constraints or their lack of experience. They can list a ton of excuses of why they won’t or can’t coach:

“Why should I coach when people just leave?”

“I really can’t add another task to my already insanely busy job.”

“Coaching is not a one shot deal and who can keep up with the follow-through?”

“No one is coaching me now. So why should I?”

Usually we begin the day by sharing the behaviors and… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Five Key Skills For New Leaders

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I’ve worked with many new leaders in all types of industries and one thing is for sure- making mistakes and learning how to dust ourselves off is essential. It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike for the first time. We are so excited to master the skill and ride our bike through the streets. Yet, to get to that point of success, we need to learn how to steer, brake and fall a lot. Those of us who can endure the scrapes and bruises, will be well prepared and able to handle the bigger skirmishes. So are you ready to get up on that seat, put on that helmet and learn the rules… Continue reading | 4 Comments