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Five Drivers Of A Powerful Leadership Story

This week I had the opportunity to speak with an extraordinary young leader who shared their passionate journey of how they arrived at their current job and career. The leader began their education and first job in a very artsy industry but ended up in a start-up. There were also a few crazy sales jobs in between that helped them to develop marketing skills that eventually led them to their present dynamic position. The trials and challenges brought us laughter and connection. Some of the leader’s choices worked out better than others, but in each situation, the individual was always willing to grow and try new things.

The most intriguing part of the time… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Why Leading With Kindheartedness Makes Sense

I have seen all shapes and types of leaders in my workshops. There is never a program I present that I don’t learn something new from a participant. But of all the qualities that contribute to strong and impactful leadership, the one that stands out and makes the greatest impression for me is kindheartedness.

What is kindheartedness?

A few definitions are:

  • Having or showing a sympathetic nature
  • Friendly or generous by nature
  • Arising from a kind heart
  • Sharing the feelings of others

All these descriptions point to a leader who brings caring and concern for others while helping them to grow their leadership knowledge and skills. I… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Five Steps To Lead In The Present

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Many of us have a difficult time being in the the present. We either spend our time thinking about our past accomplishments or focus our attention on plotting our future moves. Although we may go through the motions of performing our daily tasks, our minds aren’t centered in the present. The problem we face when we avoid throwing ourselves into our current situations is that we miss out on a great deal.

Are you ready to lead in the present?

 Here are some strategies to make the present your priority:

1. Let go of the past

Instead of beating ourselves up about the mistakes we have made in… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Four Ways To Kick Into Leadership HD

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Television sets didn’t always broadcast an HD picture. For years we watched our TV programs in digital or analog format, content, not knowing there was any other way to view them. We accepted the bland broadcast until we got wind of HD quality pictures. Then everything changed and we no longer were willing to have TV’s that weren’t technologically up to speed. We now expect our TV viewing to be ultra clear and vibrant, picking up imperfections and flaws. We want to feel like we are right inside the picture.

Well leadership is no different. We use to tolerate a very different model of leading that involved command and control and secrecy. Leaders often… Continue reading | 10 Comments

Five Ways To Lead An Imperfect Team

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Beginning with my MBA days, I have been intrigued with the differences between management and leadership. Since John P. Kotter, retired professor at Harvard Business School, shared his transformative insights about the separate roles that management and leadership play, professionals have been cultivating deep discussions of which is more important. We know that not all managers make great leaders and not all leaders make great managers. The key is to invest in our strengths and embrace the fact they many of us are a member of or are leading imperfect teams.

So why must leaders accept the team they are given? The answer is simple: most of our teams are filled with… Continue reading | 8 Comments