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An Unlikely Opportunity Can Be A Gift For Leaders

Most careers are not linear. They don’t begin at an ideal starting point and progress until they land at a dreamy ending. Chances are we will come to many crossroads in our careers that will force us to make an imperfect decision. We may not have all the facts or know how a new position will be viewed in our organizations. We may be moved to an unfamiliar department or asked to work with an undesirable boss or co-worker. It may be necessary to take on additional responsibilities that will totally topple our daily apple cart. Or we may just have to take on tasks that we feel are out of our job requirements and… Continue reading | 4 Comments

How Will You Lead In 2017?


As 2016 comes to a close, leaders have a great opportunity to map out their direction for the coming year. Some of us may want to continue along the same path and simply delve more deeply. Other leaders may decide to reorient themselves all together and reconfigure their strategies. While some of us may fall in between, integrating some of our last year plans with some different or new approaches. A great way to identify the best strategy for 2017 is to actually coach ourselves through the process. It might sound a bit crazy, but we can direct our next year’s planning through the GROW model.

The model was originally developed in the… Continue reading | 11 Comments

Seven Ways To Survive A Collaboration

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I’ve heard the saying that “collaboration is the new teamwork” but what does that really mean? Most of the workplaces I partner with contain many interconnected teams that live by their goals and deadlines. Each team is very focused, not always caring all that much about the individual team members or even about the other teams around them. As far as they are concerned, they have a job to do and there is no need to address their co-worker’s particular frustrations or challenges.

Jennifer was one of those team members who was struggling. She was working to keep up with all the new excel programs and constantly lagged behind in her deliverables… Continue reading | 10 Comments

Punch Holes In Your Leadership Routine To Thrive

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Just like most people, I depend on my fail-safe routine to get me through my workday. I have set up systems to begin my day, respond to emails, return calls, design programs and present. It seems to flow and I feel comfortable knowing this fairly tight schedule is in place. The truth about routines is that they can save us from falling off-track but they also can prevent us from switching to a new track. Routines can keep us on a fixed path that may be adding to our success while at the same time not helping us grow our leadership.

[Tweet “Deeply held routines propel leaders forward while maintaining the status… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Time To Reboot Your Leadership Vision?

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Changing up our long time career direction is not something any of us take lightly. After all, if we are happy with what we are doing and feel fulfilled, maybe there is no need to re-set our compasses. If you look back to the last time you performed a complete “check-up” on your leadership vision, what might you discover?

“I never executed a full evaluation of my leadership strategies.”

“I have no idea what my leadership vision is all about.”

“Who has time to pursue a leadership vision?”

“I am just fine at this point in my leadership. No need to topple this apple cart.”

There may… Continue reading | 6 Comments