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Six Ways To Defeat Your Negative Inner Chatter

This past week I experienced a customer service nightmare. After waiting two hours in a phone store to get help transferring my data from one device to another, I made the biggest mistake of all- I paid cash for a cover for my device. The reason it was a major error was that I needed to return the cover (it didn’t fit properly) two days later to that same crazy story. I knew it was fine to bring back the item but what I didn’t know was that the crazy phone store had no cash in the morning. I stupidly paid cash for the cover. I never pay cash. But that day I happened to… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Best Leadership Mantra Ever-“I’m Here For You”


These past few weeks I have been working with a vendor to set up an online assessment for one of my clients. Although I have administered this assessment for a long time I never dealt with this vendor. I was uneasy at first to connect with a new supplier, but kept marching forward to see how this new relationship and process would play out.

As I delved deeper to learn the new system and see if it would work effectively for my client and myself, my anxiety began to grow. Every roadblock I hit I would contact the vendor with all my questions and errors. At one point I was calling them every day as… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Five Reasons Leaders- “It’s All About The Relationship”

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This past week I had conversations with two extraordinary leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Both are sales reps and both are very successful for an important reason- their vision of leadership. For some leaders in sales their focus is about sharing the benefits and advantages of their product or service. They can’t wait to espouse the amazing attributes of what they are selling and jump in right away with that conversation. But these two pharmaceutical sales reps looked at their mission very differently.

“What a great team of sales reps we have!” one said. “I feel so lucky to have a manager who cares and sees my value.”

“When I… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Seven Ways Leaders Connect With Customers


This past week I was placing an order for a client holiday gift when the unthinkable happened. I decided to contact the company by phone since the choices I wanted didn’t appear on the website. I set aside 25 minutes to make the call and place the order. The phone rang many times (ok it’s their busy season). When I finally got connected to a real person, they proceeded to speak over me and share some garbled information. I had ordered from them previously, but the individual on the other end could not find my file. This went on and on until they finally said, “I can’t help you. I need to find my supervisor.” And they immediately put… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Four Ways To Lead With Customers

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Marketing has always been a challenge for me, although I am learning so many ways to overcome my fears. Sometimes when we get an obstacle stuck in our heads, it can take extra focus to jump over it. So what I have tried to do is not look at marketing as an overwhelming activity, but rather as a way to share and connect with others. In fact, I now realize that when I talk to people informally or have discussions with my clients about leadership, I am actually marketing.

[Tweet “Leaders are not fearful of soft marketing and self-promotion.”]

Many of us know that our greatest lessons learned happen in non-traditional places… Continue reading | 6 Comments