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Five Year-End Questions For Leaders To Take Stock

It’s that time of year when leaders from around the globe look at their calendars and realize the end of a hard-fought, sometimes exciting, sometimes scary year is quickly approaching. We may want to stick our heads in the sand and pretend we have more time to introduce new projects, but sadly we need to now step back and take stock in 2017. That’s not to say we shouldn’t keep propelling forward with our goals and deliverables. It’s just a valuable time to reflect on the good, the bad and the truths of the past year.

Where to begin?

As with many analyses, it is helpful to start the search with some empowering questions to jog our memory and open up our trip down 2017.

Five Year-End Questions For Leaders To Take Stock:


I always like beginning with this question because it sets a positive tone in thinking about our past year accomplishments. It’s so easy for us to automatically jump to tearing ourselves apart and thinking about our mistakes. Instead try to capture the highlights of your successes and give yourself a pat on the back for even little steps forward.

  • List the projects or presentations that provided you with positive reviews
  • Identify a deliverable that the end result truly reflected all your hard work
  • Remind yourself of the contributions you made to your team
  • Honor the impact you made by recognizing how it made a difference


To be an influential leader we need to keep growing and that means keeping up with our reading, attending conferences, taking courses or webinars and applying new concepts. When we commit to being a lifelong learner we stay open-minded and agile. We are able to try new approaches and make mistakes experimenting. We aren’t afraid to fail because taking risks brings us deeper success.


Leaders can’t make it alone so we need to take stock in the people who made the greatest impact on us during the year. Some of the important relationships could be:

  • Our boss
  • Our teammate
  • Someone we met in a tweetchat or at a networking event
  • Our customer or client
  • A new friend
  • A teacher

Then think about what they shared with you and how that brought your leadership to a new place. Be clear on what you have learned from them and make sure to use it.


It’s a two way street in leadership. We learn from others and we also share our lessons and missteps to help them become stronger. As this year comes to a close consider the people we impacted. Maybe you helped out a colleague with some insights that enhanced a deliverable. Perhaps you took the time to listen to someone’s challenges and offer them advice in how to spring forward. You might have empowered someone to speak up or helped your boss become recognized. Whomever you touched helped make you a stronger leader too.


The final question to evaluate is to look at the places where we might have performed better or chosen different options. The key here is not to beat ourselves up but remain truthful with ourselves. It can be helpful to ask others for input too. Then begin a new direction by developing goals and objectives for the coming year to make the necessary changes.

What year-end questions help you take stock in your leadership?


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