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Five Must-Do Strategies For Young Leaders

My leadership workshops are always filled with young leaders who may be new to an organization or new to an industry. They arrive excited to fill their leadership toolbox with skills or knowledge to help them grow in their careers and jobs. Being new to a career can be both filled with possibilities as well as fears of the unknown. Sometimes a young leader’s enthusiasm can be misinterpreted for a “need it now” attitude. But the truth is new leaders are eager to learn so they can make impactful contributions to their teams and companies.

So where is a young leader to begin? How can new leaders learn to be strong decision-makers and communicators

Six Ways To Lead On A Multi-Generational Team

There is rarely a time that generational challenges don’t emerge in my leadership workshops or coaching sessions. The comments and concerns range from:

“Why can’t they have the same work ethic as we do?”

“Why are they so fixated on their phones and technology?”

“Why can’t they be more open to new ideas and different strategies?”

“Why can’t they see the value in a flexible workplace?”

“Why is work/life balance so scary to them?”

I am sure you have heard these same perspectives in your organization and may be wondering why we all can’t come together. Some even believe that if we just focus on the individuals that the generational… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Is Overcommitment Destroying Your Leadership?

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I have watched a very talented leader self-destruct before my very eyes. He wants to do it all, both professionally and personally. He works long hours in his office, always taking on tough assignments and additional work. He is the glue that keeps his team members connected and often is the go-to person when conflict flares. He is the person his boss will always choose to represent her in meetings if she is unable to attend. And as if that was not enough, he has a large group of friends who set up all sorts of social gatherings that he never misses. FOMO (Fear of missing out) keeps his evenings and weekends booked… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Leading Different Generations On Your Team

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“They’re just lazy with no work ethic.”

“They’re way too bossy to listen to.”

“All they care about is being promoted.”

“They think that staying late every night is what is necessary.”

Do any of these statements ring a bell with you? Have you ever heard any of your team members blurt these comments out?

Having more than four generations in the workplace today offers some great opportunities for teams. With each generation sharing valuable strengths and talents, there is no doubt that teams can produce extraordinary outcomes. So why are so many organizations facing generational friction?

There are some leaders who would argue that generational differences don’t really exist… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Five Key Skills For New Leaders

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I’ve worked with many new leaders in all types of industries and one thing is for sure- making mistakes and learning how to dust ourselves off is essential. It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike for the first time. We are so excited to master the skill and ride our bike through the streets. Yet, to get to that point of success, we need to learn how to steer, brake and fall a lot. Those of us who can endure the scrapes and bruises, will be well prepared and able to handle the bigger skirmishes. So are you ready to get up on that seat, put on that helmet and learn the rules… Continue reading | 4 Comments