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In my new podcast interview with Alaska Tracy I shared my thoughts about leadership tools and strategies. I spoke about:


Success is identifying what we are fascinated with and then applying our gifts and strengths to make it happen. I believe that if we work hard at something and enjoy the process that is success. I don’t believe in labels or positions or titles. Success can be about growing in a career or a personal feat or helping someone reach their north star. The key is taking action and feeling empowered to propel ourselves in a particular direction.


I did of course face some challenges along the way. Often our careers and personal lives take many detours. Or things just change.


Each of us has a different journey and no one journey is better than the other. The key is to find out what excites us and what we each feel is fulfilling. Then we each owe it to ourselves to work hard to make it happen. Of course we all need a little help and asking for that help is essential to our success.


Find a magical mentor who you can trust and feel comfortable enough to be open with. The mentors I met along the way believed in my abilities and helped me see my potential that I was unable to see myself.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the podcast and any additions about leadership that you would like to add.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Leadership Podcast

  1. Always love learning from your wisdom and experience, Terri. I do agree that we have the power to propel ourselves in a new direction. We can’t wait for someone else to pull us there.


  2. Great interview Terri! I could hear all of your wisdom on leadership being on full display. I really appreciated how you pointed out that the most important thing is for your listeners to find out what excites them and what they each feel is fulfilling….

  3. Thanks Alli! I had fun doing the podcast with Tracy.Leaders do have all the tools within themselves to take action and march forward. We can sometimes get tripped up on fear of the unknown or that others may do things better than we do. Nonsense! We are warriors if we choose.

  4. Thanks LaRae! It was wonderful reconnecting with Tracy and sharing my thoughts on leadership today. I honestly do believe that to be successful we first need to pursue what excites us even if we aren’t skilled or experienced in that field. If we are fascinated we will be curious.

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