Five Tactics To Becoming An Empowered Leader

Leadership is not about a position or title. Leadership is not about taking over a team and dictating what needs to be accomplished. Leadership is not about lecturing others to make sure our ideas are selected for a solution. Leadership is not about being the loudest or smartest in the room.

So what is leadership all about?

Leadership is all about becoming empowered and helping others become empowered. It is about creating cultures of empowerment within organizations and teams. When we feel empowered we can lead with confidence and compassion. We can impact our worlds of work in meaningful and purposeful ways.

Here are five tactics to becoming an empowered leader:


Sometimes the word “empowerment” is thrown around without a true understanding of what it means. Here is a quick definition of empowerment:

“The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

Each of us must feel we have a certain amount of control in our workplaces so that we are able to share our suggestions and make decisions that matter to us. When we lose that freedom or feel that it is being taken away, we often lose interest and become disengaged.

Decide what it would look like for you to feel empowered and in control in your job. That is the first step in becoming an empowered leader.


With choice comes responsibility. If we want to have control in our leadership, we also must hold ourselves accountable. To become an empowered leader:

  • Follow through on what we say we will do
  • Speak up and own our words with confidence
  • Take on new responsibilities with care and professionalism
  • Be inclusive with team members


An empowered leader helps co-workers, teammates and collaborators see their unique value and strengths. They listen to the concerns of their team. They open doors for others to grow and network as well as give people credit for jobs they did well. The goal for an empowered leader is to have everyone around them feel empowered too.


Empowered leaders are ready for obstacles that may come across their path by keeping themselves “up to speed” with what is happening and remaining open to different perspectives. They stay armed and ready by:

  • Sharing information freely to everyone involved
  • Offering honest and action-oriented feedback
  • Keeping positive
  • Thinking ahead about possible challenges and what could go wrong


We can build cultures of empowerment if we have trust and transparency in our workplaces. When we become empowered leaders we are able to form strong collaborations and deeper work relationships that elevate our team’s performance. When we become empowered leaders we see the gifts in others and encourage them to share their unique talents. When we become empowered leaders we are confident in our decisions and respectful of the opinions of others. That is what leadership is about.

How have you become an empowered leader? How has empowerment helped your team or organization grow?

 Let me know if I can help you become an empowered leader?

6 thoughts on “Five Tactics To Becoming An Empowered Leader

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one, Terri! Love this statement: “Leadership is all about becoming empowered and helping others become empowered. It is about creating cultures of empowerment within organizations and teams.”

    Too often leadership loses focus of it’s most important role: to raise up and empower other leaders! Thanks for a great reminder…

  2. I think I became an empowered leader when the leaders above me no longer dictated my day. I had a job to do and they gave me their trust and confidence I’d figure it out. If I needed them, they were there to support me without dictating. Even after that, when I worked for people who were less empowering, thankfully, I already had it ingrained.

    Here’s to leading with purpose and empowerment!

    Will share!

  3. I often hear from leaders that they are feeling like they have no control in their jobs but once we talk about how they can leverage their talents and strengths they roll onto a road of empowerment. In turn, it is critical to help others we work with see how they can add value and feel more satisfied in their responsibility choices.

    Thanks so much LaRae!

  4. You add a great point about the need for trust and confidence. An impactful way to help others around us become more empowered is to show them that we trust their abilities and decision-making. When we do “let go” we are helping them grow their confidence and leadership. My experiences are similar to yours in that when a boss believed in my capabilities in seeing through a project without their heavy hand, I felt stronger and empowered.

    Thanks Alli for sharing your story and insights with us!

  5. Terri – I love your focus on helping others become empowered.

    One of the wisest women I have ever known was not a titled leader – but she spent her life empowering herself to make a difference right where she was, with what she had – no matter how small it seemed. She was a tiny grandmother with the influence of a giant because of the people she empowered.

    Another woman was a titled co-worker that was a gift-detective. Constantly identifying the greatest strengths of the people she worked with and empowering and encouraging everyone she met to be the best they could be.

  6. What an impressive role- “gift detective”! I am all about helping each person find their unique strengths and finding ways to use them in our professional lives.I once had a boss who believed in my ability to facilitate and present. She was a big part in empowering me to get out in front of people and just share my genuine words. Even though I was nervous and had fears I was able to work through them. I will always remember her kind support of me.

    Thanks Chery for sharing your two beautiful stories! Titles are totally unnecessary for a leader to be impactful.

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