Dig Deep To Locate Your Leadership

This past week I needed to replace my old gas lines with new pipes to connect with an updated system. Although going through the process was a bit uncomfortable, there really was no choice if I no longer wanted water in my gas line. To make this happen, the gas company had to dig deep to locate my current hook-ups and re-trench my property with the new pipes. Holding off was just a temporary solution and a poor choice at that. I had to embrace this total property upheaval if I no longer wanted to lose heat or hot water.

In the same way, we all have busy careers that don’t afford us a lot of time to come up for air and dig deep to discover what kind of leaders we want to be. Even if we don’t want to feel uncomfortable or stressed, we know that we need to constantly grow to be influential leaders. We can delay our thinking about our leadership direction temporarily until we run amuck and realize that we no longer can just swim around in our old thinking and patterns.

Today is the day to dig deep to realign your leadership pipeline.


Before the gas company could upgrade my gas lines, they needed to evaluate what was taking place in my current situation. They needed to fully assess where all the pipes were located and what was causing the water in the line. Similarly, leaders need to make a full evaluation on how their leadership is going today.

  • How would you describe you leadership?
  • What kinds of places are you leading in?
  • Has your leadership evolved? In what way?
  • Do you have a leadership mantra that guides you? What is it?


When we conduct an assessment we realize what is going well and what still needs to be tweaked. Additionally, we need to dig deep and identify specifically what isn’t working and why we aren’t feeling successful. For example, if we sense that we aren’t being heard when we speak up in meetings, we need to look at what is causing the disconnection. Sometimes asking a colleague, co-worker or boss can be insightful for us.


Have you been reading about some intriguing new strategies or ideas that you would want to incorporate into your leadership? Have you received feedback about an area you may want to explore or improve? These kinds of questions can often guide where you want to focus your explorations. Look at areas to strengthen your skills and well as topics that motivate you. Both can provide a wonderful balance in growing forward.


Create a plan by writing down what you specifically need to change or learn about to follow this new leadership direction.

  • List all the changes that seem important or essential
  • Choose one or two areas to work on and write out the actions you want to take
  • Give timeframes and ways you will measure success
  • Choose an accountability partner to help you stay on track


This is where we need to be brave and assertive. We need to think of who can help us reach our next milestones. We need to dig deep. If we want to learn some new skills or have exposure to a different department in our organization, we need to think of who can set up connections for us. Is there someone who already has the knowledge that we can shadow?


Finally establish ways to measure your success. How will you know when you are on the right path to your chosen leadership direction? Decide on what your leadership will look like and feel like. Then you will know for sure when you are there.

How do you dig deep to locate your leadership direction?



6 thoughts on “Dig Deep To Locate Your Leadership

  1. This is such an important step for leaders…it enhances our self-awareness which is so important for effective leadership. Ironically, it is one of the last areas that is fully explored and developed primarily for the simple reason that uncovering honest awareness of oneself is hard work. And sometimes we don’t always like what we uncover about ourselves. But to pretend it’s not there, the good alongside the ugly, is a stupid way to move forward because those are the very things that will sabotage us when times get tough…

  2. Great point about the amount of work it takes to delve deep into how we want to present ourselves as leaders. Understanding our leadership does involve self-awareness and challenging our current situation. And sometimes we need to involve others in helping us make connections and network. We each owe it to ourselves to be true to our core values as we follow what truly inspires us.

    Thanks LaRae for sharing your wonderful insights!

  3. Great reminder Terri! Sometimes we have to slow down to be more effective and more efficient. Digging deep can be painful but those that do earn greater trust and inspire others in amazing ways.

    Is life back to normal at your house yet?

  4. It is so true that sometimes we need to take our time to understand what our leadership is all about. Slowing down can be so beneficial to exploring who we are and what we stand for. Thanks so much Chery for adding your impactful comments.

  5. It’s so easy to stay on the surface even when things aren’t working. Quick fixes are tempting but meaningful change really does require us to dig deep. One thing that I appreciate is that you’ve pointed people towards what fascinates them. When we think about needed growth and change, it’s easy to get caught up in the should-dos and forget about those want-to-dos which are also critically important.

    Hope your big dig was done before the big storm hit! Stay warm!

    Will definitely share!


  6. As I write this Alli the snow is coming down heavily. So much for spring being around the corner. 🙁

    You make an excellent point about what is really necessary for long-term changes. We can stay at the surface and make tweaks in our leadership but to really follow a different path with new skills and knowledge there is most definitely some work involved. But as you indicate, if we are honestly fascinated about a new direction it will empower us to move forward.

    Thanks Alli!

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