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During the holiday break, I went to see an Off-Broadway show, “What’s It All About?” that was an updated version of all the popular (and old) Burt Bacharach songs. The stars of the show were rock band musicians and singers all in one, belting out re-imagined tracks of the timeless musical numbers. Listening to the words and melodies of: “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love”, “I Say A little Prayer For You”, “That’s What Friends Are For”, I was transformed and inspired to think about how the next year would look, feel and sound. I decided that leaders also need to re-imagine their stories and create new views for 2014. So I have a challenge for each of you.

 If you could choose a theme song to describe how your leadership during the next year will look, what would it be?

 Here are some questions you may want to think about in selecting that perfect song:

 What do I want to learn more about?

Each year I try to commit to growing in some way. Maybe there are some books or authors you have been hearing about and just haven’t had the time to read. Perhaps there is a certification or a course that you know will complement your career and one that may take time to achieve. Is there somebody you have wanted to speak with who has an expertise in an area you are fascinated with and want to explore?

This is the year to locate those books, sign-up for that program, reach out to that person and honor yourself by learning from them.

 Who do I want to connect with more deeply?

Forging new professional and personal relationships is essential for all leaders. When we build deeper connections with colleagues, it can mean powerful collaborations and synergies. This is the time of year to acknowledge to yourself who you want to welcome into your life. Send them an email or comment on their blog or make a phone call. Whatever way you choose, just do it and be ready to become more connected and energized.

This is the year to cultivate those relationships and welcome them into your world.

 What one area of my career or business do I want to develop?

This is always a great time of year to reflect on how the past year went- what we loved about it and what we wish could have been different. The next step is to put in writing a game plan of what area we want to focus on in the coming year. Do you want to write more and elevate your blogging? Is this the year to commit to more networking events to beef up your client base? Do you want to add new responsibilities to your present job to make you a better candidate for a promotion?

This is the year to find that one new addition to your career or business.

 So I suppose you are still wondering what my leadership theme song will be for 2014.

 My song is: “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

 What is your leadership theme song for 2014?

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13 thoughts on “Choose Your Leadership Theme Song for 2014

  1. Terri,

    Great theme song! I am unsure of what the best one for me would be, but the Jim Croce song “I’ve Got a Name” is one I think of now and then. You all have a name (brand) and we need to lead with it and live it fully each and every day. After all, our name is who we are and how we will be remembered.

    Thanks! Jon

  2. I love your theme song, Jon! Yes each leader has a name and a brand to uphold. We owe it to our colleagues and clients alike to bring our core values into our brand and be transparent and authentic for what we stand.

    Thanks Jon for your wonderful and always insightful comments!


  3. What a great theme song, Tony and I think it definitely describes your resilience and energy!

    I appreciate your support and I too am grateful for you!


  4. I just love your strength and attitude, Karin! You are such an incredible leader and your theme songs totally speak to me!

    Beginning the new year with travel is actually a good way to re-launch into the workspace after the break and it is all about change as we march forward, whether we work internally or externally.

    Thanks for your wonderful additions!

  5. What a great creative post!

    I love your choice of songs!

    A song that has been playing over and over in my head- well not really the song, but actually the first line of the song.. is called THE STORY OF MY LIFE… I dont even know the rest of the song…but i love the sentence.. It keeps repeating over and over in head….

    I must have heard it somewhere a few weeks ago and it has stuck with me ever since …

    I love how you make me think!


  6. I love your choice of theme song and words- THE STORY OF MY LIFE! We all have our unique stories to tell that reflect who we are today.

    I wonder if that song is the one sung by the group, One Direction. It has a lot to say about honoring our life stories.

    It is always a privilege to have you share your amazing and insightful comments!

    Thanks Lolly!


  7. What a great song to describe your leadership, Tracy! When I think of a “Roar” I think strong, determined and ready to hit the ground running. Sometimes the theme songs help us focus on our values and goals. Way to go, lioness!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your song!

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