What is Your Brand of Leadership?

If someone asked you what kind of leader do you represent, would you be able to answer? Could you describe what you stand for and what is most important to your leadership goals? It is so important to take stock of what type of leader you actually are and whether or not this is the kind of leadership you want to display. So how does a leader begin the inward process of defining their unique brand of leadership? Here are a few ways to begin the process.

  • Find a quote: What words ring true to your leadership goals? There is nothing better than using a meaningful quote to become your leadership manta. For me, I live by, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”- Franklin D. Roosevelt. Whenever I want to try something new, and I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself of these words and somehow it gets me moving.
  • Decide on 3 values: Ask yourself what are the three values that impact your leadership decisions and choices. What really motivates you to act and lead? For me, I am very motivated to help others succeed and reach their potential.  Therefore, empowering others is critical in all my leadership actions. I also value transparency, so I try to be clear and honest in all my communications. For each of us, the values that guide us are different. There are no right or wrong values.
  • Locate a role model: Think of someone you have met or admire who has influenced you. Reflect on the reason you look up to this individual and what makes them an extraordinary leader. This person might be a family member, a teacher a boss or a co-worker or friend who came into your life journey at just the right time. You were open to learning from someone and they were magnificent in reaching out to you. I have been blessed with several role models who were able to see my worth and believed I could accomplish great things. 

Understanding your leadership brand is the beginning of becoming an authentic leader. Your brand is what others see and want to follow. What additional reflective processes have you tried to create your brand?

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