The Compass That Guides Leadership In Setting Top-Notch 2012 Goals

At this time of year, organizations request that their employees reflect on past accomplishments and future direction.  It can be an overwhelming process if we don’t know how to approach it. Of course this self-evaluation goes on in our personal lives as well as we begin to dream about what 2012 will bring. Get excited! Feel the opportunities before you and follow a few important steps to commence your goal setting.


  • Review Your Vision Statement: Before we can even tackle an analysis of how we did last year and where we want to go in 2012, we need to align ourselves with the organizational vision statement. Do you even know what the vision statement says? The vision must be the compass that guides leaders in goal setting. Each goal needs to fold into the core values of the vision statement and reflect the direction of that vision. If a goal does not meet the criteria of being aligned with the vision, then dump it!
  • Reflect On Your Values: Each of our goals must incorporate our personal and professional values- those most important ways of how we live our lives and how we approach work. When we are being authentic and true to ourselves, we are able to accomplish greater outcomes. These values provide us with the drive and the energy to stay the course when obstacles derail our goals. It is a good idea to first take some time to list what we value in our daily routines and how we want to integrate those values into the activities in our work environments.
  • Create Achievable Goals With A Push: Put in writing 5-7 goals that will help you map out the direction you want to pursue. Of those goals, choose one or two push goals that will encourage you to reach a little higher or a little further. Ask yourself: “What can I do differently that will bring my job or career to a whole new level, even if it requires stepping out of my comfort zone?” This is the time of year we must empower ourselves to think more creatively and dig deep inside ourselves on ways to make 2012 a more challenging year. Don’t forget to include metrics and milestones in your goal setting so you will know when you have achieved them.
  • Share Goals With Other Leaders: A great way to fine tune our goals is to meet with other leaders and ask for their input. Whether it be a boss or a co-worker, having another person’s point of view can be helpful in setting the clearest goals. In turn, if we are approached by other leaders for suggestions regarding their goals, make  sure to ask questions to clarify their goals and objectives. Was the vision included in their goal setting? Are the goals achievable with a push? Do the goals reflect organizational and personal values? What else can this individual do to grow even more in 2012?


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